Practice Log for Sunday, 6 May 2018

a look at pick attacks, plus more inside picking May 6, 2018 music
Topic Notes
inside picking make sure to clear string on the way back
pick attack try to use as little of the pick as possible
improvisation incorporate thirds patterns into lines
sight reading use online generator for material

I noticed that I use a lot of the pick when I play a lot of picked notes. While this can be useful as a tonal device, it makes passages sound a little choppy, and at higher speeds, it becomes inefficient. I focused on making these passages smoother at moderately fast speeds. In my improv, I tried to incorporate some of the less natural-feeling thirds patterns, specifically the descending 1-3.

the descending 1-3 pattern

ascending thirds down the A-flat scale

After practicing my picking and my patterns, I switched my focus to sight reading. I’m not sure why I felt like doing it, since rarely will I ever have to read a line of music in my line of work, but I felt like it. Since all my music books are in storage, I searched online for a random music generator, and found one that will do for most purposes.

I turned off whole notes, and tried to play the lines generated from the default 5-finger position starting on C. I added A on top of that for a little bit more of a challenge. I wasn’t able to play the lines perfectly, though, especially in the eighth note runs. Ineed to play more slowly next time, and do a better job of trying to read ahead in the music. It’s a difficult skill! The important thing is to learn to recognize intervalic patterns. I’ve still got a fair amount of work to do on sight reading.

For next time

I’ve heard “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers a lot lately, and after Connor sent me a text about how awesome Californication is, I figure I should take a listen to that album and add that song to my repertoire.

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