Practice Log for Friday, 11 May 2018

I amp up the sight reading and try to put together “Under the Bridge” May 11, 2018 music
Topic Start Time End Time Notes
warm-up 17:47 18:08 q=92, 16ths 4 and 3 notes per string
repertoire 21:13 21:54 under the bridge
scales 21:56 22:31 q=92, p. 3rds down (1-3)
sight reading 22:33 22:55 q=70, C3 - C4, no whole notes


Singing and playing this song requires a lot of focus and coordination. I practiced it with a variety of tempos and found that I generally speed up. I seem to forget the G#m - A in the verses, so next time I will have to focus on that.

Didn’t help that I had a bit of a buzz going!


I practiced the descending 1-3, focusing on my left hand this time. I discovered that I have different fingering habits based on how quickly I play the pattern. I tend to avoid crossing strings with my pinky, instead reaching for the lower string with my ring finger at higher tempos. I think it would be more economical to practice rolling the pinky, instead, so I will practice it this way next time.

Sight Reading

This time, I added to the difficulty:

  • same tempo as usual, q=70
  • added another note for full octave, C3 - C4
  • no whole notes
  • default 30 bars

I read through each piece before playing it, identifying any common patterns like triad arpeggios, and in particular reading through any eighth note runs.

Next Time

My accuracy in sight reading was much better this time. Keep it up. Next time, I can choose some different notes to play to keep the challenge going.

With “Under the Bridge”, I will focus on getting the chords correct in the verses.

In my scale patterns, I think I’ll take a look at parallel 4ths next time, to break it up a little bit. It will still be an opportunity to practice rolling my fingers across the strings on account of the intervals.

Randy Josleyn teacher-linguist-guitarist wannabe