Practice Log for Sunday, 27 May 2018

I start a lead sheet for “More Than Words” May 27, 2018 music
Topic Start Time End Time Notes
warm-up 23:05 23:11 h=35 16th notes
scales 23:11 23:19 h=40 16ths thirds
repertoire 23:19 23:50 more than words


To practice this time, I set the metronome to half note values so I could use it as a back beat. This is a common practice technique to improve timing in jazz studies.


I tested a bunch of scales top-down at random for thirds patterns. Overall, they are getting better now, but the sticky spots are always on 6th string.


I listened to “More Than Words” a couple times to get a better idea of where I could find the chord shapes I would need to play the song. I also started creating a lead sheet for the song, but I ran into some problems with Lilypond, and ended up staying up till about 2:30 trying to solve some layout problems. It would be nice if there was a decent text-based alternative to Lilypond, but I don’t know of one at the moment.

Next Time

I want to finish up a basic lead sheet for the song, which I can use to practice with later. I’ll definitely be looking into a different system for laying out music. Maybe something javascript-based might be nice, but I’m doubtful I’ll find anything viable.

Randy Josleyn teacher-linguist-guitarist wannabe