Practice Log for Friday, 6 Jul 2018

practicing tremolos is useful, after all July 6, 2018 music classical
Topic Start Time End Time Notes
technique 19:11 19:22 tremolo
improvisation 19:23 19:30 dorian groove/noodling
repertoire 19:31 20:16 chaconne

Today I reached the section where I had previously learned to. There are still some little sections that need some ironing out in the first section of the piece, but overall, it’s even cleaner than the last time I played it, so that’s good news!

The faster sections used to be a fair challenge. Take the following, for example:

my right hand doesn’t move that fast!

my right hand doesn’t move that fast!

The notes that aren’t slurred are, um, pretty fast. The last time I played this, I couldn’t really play them cleanly, but practicing tremolos for the past few days seems to have made bits like this much cleaner.

I’ll keep putting this piece together. Next time, I should be able to learn some new material.

Randy Josleyn teacher-linguist-guitarist wannabe