Practice Log for Monday, 21 May 2018

picking hand technique and videos about it May 21, 2018 music
Topic Start Time End Time Notes
warm-up 23:32 23:38 econ. picking
scales 23:41 23:50 time trial


I focused on the picking hand playing simple 1234 patterns up and down the neck. I looked for the “thumb bump” Troy Grady saw in economy pickers. (Don’t remember where the video is at the moment.)


I practiced only D flat, with the same patterns as I did the other day. The pinky issues I’ve been working on seem to be getting better, although they’re still not gone. I was able to play the descending 1-3 pattern at 160 BPM, 8th notes, without issue. This is a pretty good improvement from last time, which was 130.

Next Time

I need to notate the rhythm of the guitar for “More Than Words”. It’s not complex, but the rhythm figure is long, and I know I’ll need to lock that down before I try and add any singing over the top of that.


I watched a video where Troy Grady talks about Marshall Harrison, a guitarist whom he identifies as using the two-way pick slanting technique. Watching him play, I’m impressed with how effortless he makes it look. I noticed Marshall has his own instructional YouTube channel, including a video on economy picking.

Randy Josleyn teacher-linguist-guitarist wannabe