Practice Log for Wednesday, 30 May 2018

I put the melody to “More than Words” and run through “Under the Bridge” May 30, 2018 music
Topic Start Time End Time Notes
warm-up 22:47 22:56 h=40, alternate/economy picking
jam 22:56 23:12 jam in A flat myx.
scales 23:13 23:33 3rds
repertoire 23:33 23:57 more than words, under the bridge


Four- and three-note-per-string economy picking, as well as MAB’s two-note-per-string warm-up. Playing that with the ring finger and pinky really gets tiring. I need to strengthen those two fingers up. Their independence is also not good. I flubbered it up a few times, especially after they started getting tired on the way down.


I played the 1-3s down and the 3-1s up, to maximize practice of that awkward barring movement. They mostly flow pretty smoothly at h=40, although a few scales were surprisingly bad, such as D major. In general, going up with that pattern is less stable at tempo than going back down, probably because I’ve practiced down more at this point.

I also played through the 1-3-4-2 pattern both up and down. Little rusty, as well, especially in the middle of the neck, usually between strings 3 – 2. Crossing strings in that region is generally more difficult because of the tuning difference, anyway. It might pay to develop some exercises that focus on that change specifically. What I could do is identify the set of patterns that I can use to cross those strings and practice them explicitly to make it easier in context.


I forwent looking at producing the lead sheet for “More than Words”, and instead just attempted to sing the melody while I played the guitar part. It’s difficult, as I predicted, but not impossible. I’ll have to listen to the song a little more closely to see when lines come in in relation to the guitar part, but overall it came together halfway decent. Halfway…

I also ran through “Under the Bridge” once just to make sure I still had it under my belt. Turns out I didn’t, but after glancing at the lyrics and the chord progression, I had it back pretty quickly. Next time I look at it, I’ll work on connecting the intro to the verse, and I’ll also look at connecting the last chorus to the outro. That’s the roughest part.

Randy Josleyn teacher-linguist-guitarist wannabe